Apple’s iPad is the ultimate portable mobile casino gadget, featuring a super-fast processor and large touch screen, which make gaming more exciting and enjoyable like never before. Thanks to these features, more and more players are switching to the iPad platform and it’s widely speculated that iPad online casino games are the future of mobile entertainment.

What you’ll find in this guide

  • Help you find the best iPad Casino
  • Review some of the games you can play through your iPad
  • How Bitcoins are changing how players make payments through their iPad
  • Frequently asked questions regarding the iPad Casino

Bitstarz Casino, the ultimate iPad Casino Destination!

Bitstarz Online Casino has included a fascinating selection of top online casino games in their iPad platform and you can easily play them for free of for real money, using Bitcoins, by simply downloading and installing the Bitstarz iPad application.

Download the Optimized Bitstarz iPad application here

The iPad Casino games being offered at Bitstarz Casino brings you all the same benefits that you’ll enjoy through the PC platform, a factor that has made the transition from the PC to mobile smooth as possible, bringing you their unique brand of online casino entertainment at its best.

iPad online casino games for all

Online casino websites that offer iPad casino services have a spectacular range of mobile slots and table games, and thus ensuring that you can easily play all the popular titles in a format that is compatible with your device. These games have been specially been optimized for the large display of your iPad and the capacitive touch screen technology brings you an even more interactive experience.

The simple navigation on the iPad and easy to play gaming feature gives you a very attractive and appropriate to the PC based online casino games and guarantees that each time you play a game, you fully enjoy the HD graphics, the captivating animations and the cinematic sounds. You can play poker, roulette, blackjack and slots games by simply downloading a casino’s iPad application.

Which company develops the best slots games for iPad?

There are plenty of companies that are known for developing online slots games. Some of the top brands include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, Betsoft, Novamatic among many more. These companies not only develop graphic rich slots games, but they also ensure that the games have captivating story lines and interesting themes to keep you playing for hours.

Given the increasing number of players opting to play these games on the move through devices such as iPad, more and more games are being developed and optimized for such devices. One company that however does a remarkable job is NetEnt. The company not only ensures that the slots games are fully HD, have interesting themes that we can relate to, but they have been optimized for use on the iPad platform.

Can I play casino games for free on the iPad platform?

Yes you can. All online casino games accessible through the PC platform have been designed to include the same features on the iPad platform. This also includes the option to play the games for free. Take note that while you play the casino games for free, you will only be able to win virtual winnings.

Safe, secure and reliable banking services

In the past, finding an online casino website that offered you safe, secure and reliable banking services was very tricky. However, thanks to the improved internet security technology, players can now access safe, secure and reliable banking services.

The use of the Secure Socket Layer encryption digital technology has made it very possible for you to carry out all your transactions at the site, without any compromise on your security. Further, the introduction of crypto currencies such as Bitcoins has even made transactions safe and secure like never before. How has it achieved this? Thanks to the Bitcoin technology, you can make payments and withdrawals through your iPad anonymously, without necessarily revealing your identity. This is perhaps the main reason why this form of payment is fast gaining popularity amongst users.

Can you get a bonus when you make a deposit using Bitcoins?

Yes, you can. While the Bitcoin casinos such as Bitstarz has a welcome bonus for players who choose to use the regular payment options, they also have a bonus provision for players who choose to make deposits using Bitcoins.

In our mentioned example, players who use the other payment options receive a €500 welcome bonus while Bitcoin players receive 5 Bitcoins on their first five deposits.

How long does it take to make a deposit using Bitcoins?

In case we didn’t mention this, Bitcoins are similar to all the other banking options available online. Therefore, all the deposits you make at the site are reflected instantly regardless of whether you are using your PC or iPad.

Which games can you play using Bitcoins?

All the casino games available at a Bitcoin casino can be played using Bitcoins. All you have to do is set Bitcoin as your payment method to start playing the games for real money.

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