In 2003, Windows mobile was launched as a product of Microsoft. Back then, it was a standard phone, with very little features that could get people excited and tongues wagging. However, with the ever growing use of mobile devices in our day to day activities, the Windows mobile phone has been subjected to constant improvements, with the latest version, Windows Phone 8, online casino players across the European, American, Asian and Australian continents can now use them to play casino games.

Although this mobile device isn’t as popular as the Apple iOS and Android devices among the online casino players, there’s still a large number of people who own and actively use these devices for their day to day activities, which include playing online casino games. This is evident by the number of online casinos that still offer Windows mobile services to players across different parts of the world.

While the original versions of the Windows phone wasn’t a good match to the current online mobile casino games, the new release, Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices come with superb graphics, high quality audio and amazing navigating features that make accessing and playing online casino games much easier. At casinos such as Bitstarz, you can easily use your Windows phone to access all the available services including depositing Bitcoins to your account.

Contents of this windows phone casino review

  • How to get started with Windows phone at online casinos
  • How to play the windows friendly casino games
  • FAQs on Windows Phone Casinos

How do you start using your Windows Phone online?

Unlike its counterparts, the Android and iPhone devices that have mobile casino applications, Windows phone use a totally different technology to enable you access and play different casino games offered online. Using the HTML5 technology, you can now easily access all the online casino services using your Windows gadget.

What is the HTML5 technology?

The HTML5 technology is a one that enables you to easily access the online casino platform straight from your Windows phone, through the different browsers. This means that all you are required to play and enjoy the casino games is visit any of the HTML5 casinos, download any of the popular browsers compatible with your Windows Phone and start playing your favourite casino game.

Does HTML5 technology have any advantages over app based gaming?

Of course it does. For one, since you don’t have to download or install any application, you save on space that would otherwise have been occupied by the applications. Secondly, HTML5 technology enables you to access casino games through your Windows phone instantly, conveniently and hassle free. Lastly, HTML5 is safe and secure at all times since there’s no risk of downloading a corrupt application.

Does HTML5 enable you to deposit Bitcoins through your Windows phone?

Yes it does. All the services offered through the PC platform are readily accessible through the HTML technology, including depositing and withdrawing Bitcoins from the online casino. A measure that you should however take is to always ensure that you have your Adobe flash player always updated so that the pages and casino tabs take shorter time to load on your Windows phone.

How do you play casino games using your Windows phone?

Playing casino games on your Windows Phone is straightforward.

  • Visit an online casino compatible with Windows phone and also supports Bitcoin as one of its payment method. You should check out Bitstarz Casino for the best Bitcoin services
  • Create an account and deposit using Bitcoins. You can see a guide on how to do this here
  • Once your account is successfully credited, you can choose a game of your liking and start playing for free or for real money

Do casino games have the same HD graphics when playing through Windows Phone?

In some instances, the quality of graphics might be compromised, especially if you are playing 3D slots games from Betsoft, Microgaming and NetEnt. Why is this so? Because when developing these games, they target users on the Android and iOS platforms – the two popular platforms that have high end mobile devices with features that the Windows Phone cannot match. However, to accommodate players on the Windows and Blackberry platform, they also have options such as the medium and low graphics mode, which you can easily select to suit your device.

What do you need to have a smooth gaming session using your Windows phone?

Two things are of importance whenever you want to have a seamless gaming experience using your Windows device; a reliable WIFI connection/data plan and an up to date Adobe flash player. Once you have these two features, you can easily play and enjoy any game of your choice.

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