Playing online casino games for real money has been in existence since the begging of the new millennium. Since the inception of the industry, real money gambling has been in a constant state of change, with new software, new games, new technology and new banking options being introduced in the landscape consistently.

However, there’s one notable feature that is quickly changing how people are playing their games online – the use of BTC as a mode of payment. Different online casinos such as Bitstarz have joined forces with Bitcoin to oversee this new sector of online betting – a sector that seeks to break the routine use of traditional flat currencies. This new development has introduced something new not in the form of graphics, games or payouts, but in the way you’ll fund your and withdraw funds from your Bitcoin account.

What are the advantages of using Bitcoins?

Just like new technological advancement, gambling and betting using BTC has changed how players access the online casino games and has the following advantages:


There are different advantages of using the Bitcoin currency, but security tops the list. BTC have been designed in a fashion that significantly reduces the surface are of security alleviations unlike the traditional payment methods. To ensure that you are always safe when using BTC, these are the security features included in this crypto currency.

  1. Race attacks and double spending – This usually occurs whenever someone uses one BTC and sends it to other people simultaneously, tricking the BTC network into processing the same transaction using the same BTC. To prevent this from happening, the BTC network has been designed to record all the transfers made by any BTC user in a ledger that’s referred to as a block chain and consequently ensuring that any Bitcoin spent can’t be spent again by the same person.
  2. Block ledger modification – The ledger that we’ve just mentioned above can’t be edited in any way. By preventing users from manipulating the block ledger, malicious users are prevented from manipulating the network.
  3. Anonymity – Every player using Bitcoins at any online casino is completely anonymous. While all the transaction you carry online appear in the block chain, your personal information will only appear as a random string on letters and numbers, hiding your true identity from the general public.
  4. Secure and private – Using a private and public key cryptography service, all the transactions you make using BTC are kept secure in the same way that the Secure Socket Layer encryption works.

Convince – Using Bitcoins at the online casinos is the most convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals. While some of the traditional online banking methods are only available in some countries, BTC are readily available globally, provided you have access to the internet. This way, you can make deposits and withdrawals from whichever country or location.

Fast – Deposits are instant while withdrawals take between 24 – 48 hours to be processed. This makes Bitcoins as one of the fastest online casino banking option after eWallets.

How to make a deposit at Bitcoin Casinos

To successfully make a BTC deposit at any of the available Bitcoin Casino, please follow the steps below:

  • Create and fund your Bitcoin Wallet – This is the first step as you start using your Bitcoin Wallet. You can choose a wallet at Once you’ve chosen the most suitable wallet, you’ll be required to fund it through an exchange. You can get more information here.
  • Including it as one of your method of payment – Once you have the BTC, log into your account and set it as one of the method of payment. This can be done by selecting the ‘Deposit’ button, then choosing the ‘Bitcoin’ button.
  • Once you’ve chosen BTC as your preferred method of deposit, a BTC address will appear on your mobile screen under the exchange rate section. Select the BTC address and copy it.
  • To complete the deposit, tap on the ‘BTC tab’, and paste the BTC address on your wallet to successfully complete the BTC transaction.

Are there any transaction fees when depositing using mobile?

Normally, most of the Bitcoin Casinos don’t charge any regular fee whenever a player chooses to use BTC as the payment method. Sometimes, however, some merchants april have a small transaction fee or you can as well decide to add one during the transactions so that you can have your transaction processed faster. Normally, the fee will only be a few cents in value and will still be much lower that what other payment methods will charge.

Are there any deposit limits when making deposits using Bitcoins?

Yes, there is a deposit limit when making deposits using Bitcoins. In most cases, the limits will be stated in the ‘Banking’ option of the online casino.

Is it safe to deposit Bitcoins using your mobile device?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and secure to carry all your Bitcoin transaction on the mobile platform. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin transactions on the mobile platform enjoy the same advantages as those on the PC platform. However, unlike the PC platform, you have the convenience of making your deposit while on the move.

Mobile devices that support Bitcoin usage

Every other day, there are new developments made in the mobile industry. Either, a new application is developed, a new software upgrade is introduced to improve the processing power of your device or a new mobile device is being designed somewhere with new features being included to see that it works okay. Regardless of this, all devices are either powered by iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. All the devices found in any of the mentioned platform can easily be used to access online casinos and consequently can be used to make BTC transactions.

Which is the best Bitcoin Casino?

Now that you know what Bitcoins are, the advantages associated with the Bitcoins and how you can use them to make deposits at online casinos, you are wondering which the best online casino known for offering Bitcoin services. A casino that in addition to this method of depositing, also has the best mobile experience. Bitstarz casino has a superb mobile platform that is compatible with devices powered by iOS, and Android OS. It also supports other mobile devices such as Blackberry and Windows.

The site also boasts of a great selection of online casino games, powered by some of the top software developing companies, and a juicy welcome bonus of €500 for all new users. With years of offering online casino services, Bitcoin betting at Bitstarz casino can only be compared to some of the best fiat currency online casinos. Visit Bitstarz Casino for more information on the same.

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  1. Kang says:

    Well it may not sound like a skillful thing to many, to make a deposit and play in online casinos with bitcoin, but the thing actually asks for some skills in case you don’t want to waste your coins in vain.

    Firstly I don’t see any changes in the policies or anything about the bitcoin casinos after the sharp value decrease. Things are still looking the same and people are playing, and the lucking ones winning. New casinos are also being made but not at a pace.

    Well what I like to do is not to get attached with a single party. No loyalty things in gambling. I look forward to the emerging casinos with max benefits and you always get benefits from new orgs.

    I recently rolled into the newest 1xbitcasino. I loved the bonus but lost some in it. LOLL. That was really unskillful to deposit in a casino like that. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try news. Maybe this one proves great for you, as it did for a colleague of mine.

    Previously BitStarz was my favourite but I don’t see any scope in it more. The is good, because we’re talking deposits, the payments are easy peasy in it and you can really fulfill your bitcoin dreams in that.

    Bonus guys may also try crypto wild. It’s mobile friendly with 24/7 chat and I have experienced many goods in it, for some time. These are some good casinos!

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