Do you frequent the land based casino after a long day’s work just to unwind as you play some of the slots, poker, blackjack or roulette games? Has there been a change that has forced you not to visit the casino of late? Perhaps, you just don’t like the atmosphere anymore, or the crowd no longer pleases you? Are you are engulfed with the nostalgia of the chiming noise of slots machines coins? Do you miss all the excitement and action filled online casino floor?

Sadly enough, the online casino games offered at the different casinos can no longer fill this gap since you cannot visit the online casinos. On the brighter side, there have been new developments that allow you to play and experience the action of the online casinos straight from your comfort zone and win real money in the process. Thanks to the live dealer mobile games and the use of Bitcoins to play, you can now effortlessly access all the table game actions from whichever place you’ll be located!

What is a live casino and the Bitcoin technology?

Live casinos and Bitcoins are the new ways which players are using to play all the exciting mobile casino games. While the regular casino games are offered in a software interface, which automatically generates the outcome of the game using a Random Number Generator, the live casinos give you an opportunity of interacting with live dealers who offer you the services through your device’s camera. This ensures that you can follow all the action as it unfolds on the table, in real time through your mobile device.

To some casino players, the thrills associated with the live casino experience is never enough, and that’s why people opt to spice it up with some little money. Personally, I would want to win something on the side, and for this reason, I usually place some money. Thanks to the Bitcoin technology, I can now be assured that all deposits made through my mobile phone are safe and secure, and I can as well get the money within a few minutes after requesting it.

How does the live casino function?

Before looking into details on how the live casino functions, it’s important to note that most of the games offered at the land based casinos are readily available through the live casino function. The selection and range of games april, however, differ from one site to another, but generally, most of the online casinos will offer you lie versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Dice, Poker and Baccarat.

To play any of the mentioned games, you’ll have to choose a reputable online casino that includes the mentioned games in its portfolio. Once you are logged into your account, you’ll be able to see all the tables that have vacancies and also see the dealers present at the tables. If you aren’t satisfied with the dealer, you can wait for up to 30 minutes after which a new dealer will be available. Once a table is full, the game will start, and you’ll be required to follow the standard land based protocols to place bets.

Any special rules when playing live dealer mobile games?

Not that I can recall, but some online casinos usually have preferences whenever a player decides to play their live casino games. For example, there are sites which will require you to set up a mic and a web camera first before playing. You can always use your earphone’s mouthpiece as the mic and your front camera as the web camera.

Take note in casinos such as Bitstarz, you can easily communicate with the dealer through the live chat feature. You, however, have to maintain the etiquette while doing so and stick to issues relating to the game that you are playing. In other online casinos, you can easily see other player’s and talk to them as well. However, since we want you to have the best live dealer mobile experience and play using the newly introduced cryptocurrency, we’ll stick to Bitstarz Casino.

What are the advantages of playing the games on your mobile device?

To most people, the ability to monitor each and every move a dealer makes is crucial, and this gives them a crucial advantage. This is more so important to those who doubt the accuracy and authenticity of the casino’s Random Number Generator. In addition to this, the game is usually slowed down a little but since the video is normally broadcasted. This adds the thrills to the game as you can sit and watch as the roulette ball spins on the real table and watch as the cards are dealt. The presence of the live dealers also creates the feeling of presence, making it possible for you to experience the feeling of a land based casino.

Best mobile devices for live dealer games

To have a seamless and endless fun while playing the live dealer games, we highly recommend the following mobile devices:

  • Samsung, HTC and Sony – These gadgets are powered by the popular Android OS. Any mobile phone manufactured between 2021 and 2021 will comfortably handle most of the live dealer mobile games.
  • iPhones – iPhones are synonymous with quality and class. As a result, any iPhone released after iPhone 5 can easily enable you to have a good time playing the live dealer mobile games.
  • iPads and Android tablets – They are mini-computers running on mobile operating systems. Any iPad or tablet gadget can easily play the live dealer mobile games without experiencing any lag or overheating.

Best Live Dealer Online Casino

So far so good, there’s no online casino that delivers the live dealer mobile games better than Bitstarz Casino. Not only is their live dealer mobile interface smooth, but it’s also crystal clear, and has professional dealers who are genuinely interested in ensuring that you have a good time. What’s better, the casino supports Bitcoin as one of their payment methods.

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  1. Great Stuff says:

    Crypto-Mobile-Live Casino all three together seemed a difficult thing one year ago. I’m fond of playing live roulette and have played a lot in betbit casino using bitcoin as the method of payment. Now there are many and many casinos that offer players from around the world gambling options on mobile phones. The quality of phone does matter and of course you shouldn’t consider opening a casino game on an iPhone 4. Have a nice phone? Then it shouldn’t be difficult to chooose a great bitcoin casino that is also licensed to operate in your territory.

  2. Uhuru13 says:

    I call it “crypto fun” when it’s my time to login to Loki Casino. VIP Blackjack has been made my days and to the extent that I comfortably covered my whole one week uni trip haha glad that happened to me only and not my fellas lol. I would have been jealoused then.

    Well I must not feel jealous about you people out there so I suggest Loki casino for live games. It’s not a pure bitcoin casino but perfectly works like one such as the processing time is the same for bitcoin payments as for the euros, but this casino is very good for bitcoin (not other crypto currencies).

    Out there are several casinos purely designed for bitcoin users only but I have been loyal to loki, since it doesn’t affect my ranks in there even if I choose to play with other money sometime. Currently at the golden rank and am quickly excelling.u

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